Lokshin Law Office provides individuals and small businesses in the Greater Toronto Area with civil litigation and business law services at fixed flat rates. At Lokshin Law Office we take client service very seriously. We always take the time to listen to your concerns and expectations and work together with you to tailor a solution that is best suited to your unique circumstances. Whether you require help protecting your rights in court, preparing a commercial agreement, incorporating a new business, or buying (or selling) an existing small business, you can rest assured that Lokshin Law Office can provide you with a cost-effective legal solution to suit your needs. 

When you choose Lokshin Law Office to represent you and your small business, you never have to worry about how long we spend working on your matter or what kind of expenses we incur on your behalf along the way. That is because at Lokshin Law Office we charge affordable fixed flat rates for almost all of our legal services, with most of the usual disbursements already included in the price. Not only does this type of fee structure alleviate our clients' financial concerns, but it also keeps us accountable to ensuring that your matter proceeds in the most efficient and effective manner.

‚ÄčIf you require professional legal representation on any civil litigation or business law matter, call Lokshin Law Office today to book a free 30 minute consultation and find out how you and your small business can benefit from our fixed flat fee structure.





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Ari knows that his clients do not simply come to him because of his knowledge of legal precedents and procedures; they come to him because he provides them with cost-effective solutions to problems they are unable to solve on their own.

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